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General strike at Port of Montreal set to begin on Monday: dockworkers' union

4/26 – Montreal, QC – A general strike at the Port of Montreal is set to begin on Monday after the union representing dockworkers issued the required 72-hour notice to the Maritime Employers Association.

Barring a last-minute reprieve, the 1,150 port workers affiliated with the Canadian Union of Public Employees will be in a legal strike position as of Monday at 7 a.m., which would paralyze the port. The dockworkers have been on an overtime strike and have refused to work on weekends since April 17 and 18.

They say the actions are in response to a change in work shifts the Maritime Employers Association wants to impose as of Monday. That would see them work seven-hour shifts – up from five hours and 20 minutes. The union said it is responding to "frontal attacks'' from the employer "to try to bend'' the workers.

"If the employer agrees to lift its measures, we would normally lift our overtime strike, our weekend strike and our Monday morning indefinite general strike notice and operations would resume immediately in the port,'' said Michel Murray, CUPE union adviser, at a Friday news conference.

Quebec's minister of the economy and innovation, Pierre Fitzgibbon, on Twitter called on the federal government to "intervene quickly,'' without specifying exactly what he wants.

The port is "a strategic public service for the revival of our economy,'' he tweeted. "Now is not the time to cripple it with a strike. Our companies have already suffered enough from this labor dispute.''

The dockworkers at the Port of Montreal have been without an employment contract since December 2018. They started a first strike last summer, which ended in a truce that lasted seven months.


Port Reports - April 26

Port reports are compiled from volunteer reader observations and AIS transmissions. Please send information about vessel arrivals and departures from your port to by 9 p.m. (Eastern) nightly for them to be included in the next day's news. Please include name of vessel, arrival time, day and dock it went to (if known). We welcome new reporters. If your port is not included, we would welcome your contributions. We are particularly looking for reporters for the St. Marys River, Southern Lake Michigan ports and the Hamilton/Toronto area.

Duluth-Superior – Scott Bjorklund

Duluth Entry: Saturday night, Joseph L. Block arrived at 22:17 (CST) to unload a mixed limestone cargo from Port Inland and Port Dolomite at CN#6. Indiana Harbor arrived not long after at 23:07 to load coal at Midwest Energy for St. Clair, Michigan; she departed Sunday early afternoon at 12:49. American Century arrived at 17:42 to replace the Indiana Harbor at SMET. As of Sunday night, the Arthur M. Anderson sits at CN-Hallett #5 waiting for Joseph L. Block to depart CN#6, and Joseph L. Block continues to unload limestone at CN#6. Federal Biscay continues to sit at CRH. American Century is expected to depart Monday morning, Arthur M. Anderson is expected to depart sometime Monday morning, and Joseph L. Block should leave Sunday evening for Two Harbors.

Superior Entry: Early Sunday morning, Algoma Discovery departed at 05:15 (CST) with iron ore pellets from BN#5 bound for Hamilton, Ontario. The next expected arrival through the entry is Frontenac sometime Tuesday.

Two Harbors-Silver Bay – Gary A. Putney

Oakglen departed Two Harbors on 4/25 at 07:57 for Quebec City. Presque Isle arrived Two Harbors on 4/25 at 08:25 after being stopped off Larsmont. As of 19:00 she was still at the loading dock. Edwin H. Gott at 19:00 was south of Two Harbors. Also as of 19:00 on 4/25 the Joseph L Block was unloading stone at the CN dock in Duluth. She is due next in Two Harbors to load pellets. Due Two Harbors on 4/26 is CSL Assiniboine. Northshore Mining saw Clyde S. VanEnkevort/Erie Trader depart on 4/25 at 04:05 for Toledo. Arriving Silver Bay on 4/25 at 06:40 was the James R. Barker. As of 19:00 on 4/25 she was still at the dock. Due Silver Bay on 4/26 is Atlantic Huron.

Thunder Bay, ON

Saturday; 23:53 The saltie Beatrix arrived at the Richardson Main Terminal to load grain. Sunday; 9:07 The saltie Jamno arrived and went to anchor. 17:19 CSL St Laurent arrived at Viterra A to load wheat. 19:31 Beatrix shifted to the Mid Canada Terminal for port services.

Northern Lake Michigan

Port Inland: Saturday; 21:18 Great Republic arrived to load limestone and departed Sunday at 12:45 for Detroit.

Green Bay, WI – Jon

On Sunday at 5:04 pm the tug Meredith Ashton barge AM 3600 arrived from Menominee, MI for the Ace Marine Terminal.

Milwaukee, WI – MKE Marine Reports

Algoma Sault arrived at 22:37 Friday (04/23) with salt from Compass Minerals, Goderich. After filling the south storage dome and dropping the remainder on a dockside discharge pad, she cleared for Meldrum Bay at 12:16 Saturday. Sarah Andrie with barge A-397 arrived from Indiana Harbor at 02:30 Saturday. After delivering liquid asphalt to Construction Resources Management, the pair headed back to Indiana Harbor Saturday evening. Prentiss Brown/St. Marys Challenger arrived from Charlevoix at 07:38 Sunday with cement for the Kinnickinnic River terminal. Albert/Margaret arrived from Green Bay at 08:12 Sunday to load ethanol at the liquid cargo pier. GL Ostrander/Integrity is due very early Monday (04/26).

Northern Lake Huron

Owen Sound: Saturday; 22:46 Saginaw departed for Bruce Mines.

Meldrum Bay: Sunday;19:49 Algoma Sault arrived to load limestone.

Bruce Mines: Sunday; 19:29 Saginaw arrived to load trap rock.

Calcite: Saturday; 21:38 Hon. James L Oberstar departed for Duluth Superior. Sunday; 1:16 Olive L Moore / Menominee departed for the Saginaw River.

Goderich, ON – Bruce Douglas

Algoma Innovator arrived 1.05 am Sunday loaded at Compass Minerals, departed 1.45 pm Sunday downbound for Detroit with salt.

Saginaw River – Todd Shorkey

Minervagracht was outbound on the Saginaw River early Sunday morning with the assistance of the G-Tug Wyoming. She had arrived on Friday, delivering wind turbine blades to the Port Fisher dock in Bay City. Olive L. Moore - Menominee were inbound Sunday evening, making them the first repeat visitors to the Saginaw River this season. The pair called on the Wirt Stone Dock in Bay City to drop a partial cargo, before heading upriver to finish unloading at the Wirt Stone Dock in Saginaw.

Lake Erie Ports for Sunday – Bill Kloss

Monroe: Paul R. Tregurtha departed for Duluth at 05:51.

Marblehead: Laura L. VanEnkevort/Joseph H. Thompson departed at 08:14 for another trip to Fairport Harbor. Sam Laud arrived at 18:59.

Sandusky: Algoma Intrepid left at 07:11 for Clarkson. Kaye E. Barker arrived at 08:08 for the Norfolk Southern coal dock.

Lorain: Dorothy Ann/Pathfinder is scheduled to load salt at the Jonick dock Monday.

Cleveland: American Courage is on the shuttles and fleet mate Sam Laud arrived at 02:33 for Ontario Stone. After unloading she departed at 15:01 for Marblehead.

Fairport Harbor: Defiance/Ashtabula departed for Cedarville at 05:34. Calumet arrived from Buffalo at 08:57 to load at Morton Salt. Laura L. VanEnkevort/Joseph H. Thompson arrived at 15:18 and left for Ashtabula at 18:45.

Ashtabula: John J. Boland arrived at 12:17. Laura L. VanEnkevort/Joseph H. Thompson arrived at 21:30.

Erie, PA: Dorothy Ann/Pathfinder awoke from winter lay-up and departed at 13:36 for Lorain.

Nanticoke: Algosea is at Imperial Oil. Algocanada went to anchor off of Port Dover. CSL Tadoussac left at 02:18.

Huron County's lighthouses to reopen after year of COVID closures

4/25 – Harbor Beach, MI – After a year of being closed due to the coronavirus pandemic, Huron County’s three lighthouses are working on plans to reopen to the public later this year, with the right precautions in place.

The Harbor Beach Lighthouse Preservation Society plans on having the lighthouse fully open for tours on the last Saturday of June, with plans to have the tours take place on every weekend until Labor Day weekend.

The tours will be altered to accommodate social distancing and mask requirements. Those tours also require riding a boat out to the lighthouse, so social distancing will be accommodated on the boats as much as possible.

The city of Harbor Beach owns the lighthouse, so whatever city officials decide with regard to the lighthouse opening up, the society will follow.

Skip Kadar, the president of the Harbor Beach Lighthouse Preservation Society, said tours start that late in the year because of the amount of work needed to get it ready. This time of year also still has some ice out on the lake, so they also put the work off until they can get out there. “If it were on shore, we could work on it year-round, but we are limited by the distance.” Kadar said.

Kadar does imagine the number of people who come out to the lighthouse will be hampered because the pandemic is still ongoing, but there are still those willing to come out. He also recommends getting tickets for tours in advance, with the best place to get them on the lighthouse’s website, at

The Pointe aux Barques Lighthouse plans on opening on Memorial Day weekend, with its season continuing to the end of September. The Pointe aux Barques Lighthouse Society hopes that the museum and gift shop will be open for guests, along with the regular lighthouse tours.

The Port Austin Lighthouse will reopen for tours starting on Memorial Day weekend and run on Saturdays until Labor Day weekend. The charter boats that take groups out to the lighthouse can hold as many as 12 people.

Lou Schillinger, the president of the Port Austin Reef Lighthouse Association, said that since the lighthouse is an offshore building that is occupied 24/7 by birds, there were already a limited number of things people could do there. The tour groups were already given plastic gloves to avoid touching any refuse in the lighthouse.

Mask wearing will be voluntary and hand sanitizer will be provided when entering and leaving the boat transporting the tour groups. The groups going out to the lighthouse will also be reduced in size. “Social distancing will not be possible on the boat, so it's up to the individual to make the decision on what to do,” Schillinger said.

Unlike the other lighthouses, the Port Austin Lighthouse received refurbishment work throughout the summer 2020, where volunteers continued to work when able. This included finishing exterior ironwork with more exterior and interior work to continue through this year.

The lighthouse also applied for a $750,000 grant from the Michigan Department of Transportation for continuing work through the fall of 2022. The association will hear from MDOT what the requirements are and how much they will receive sometime in May.

Schillinger said the goal of these renovations is to eventually set up a Lightkeeper Program, where people can stay at the lighthouse overnight to see how it was being a lighthouse keeper back when it was operational.

Huron Daily Tribune

Today in Great Lakes History - April 26

26 April 1891 NORWALK (wooden propeller bulk freighter, 209 foot, 1007 gross tons) was launched by William DuLac at Mount Clemens, Michigan. At first, she was not able to get down the Clinton River to Lake St. Clair due to low water. She lasted until 1916, when she was sold to Nicaraguan buyers and was lost in the Caribbean Sea that autumn.

On 26 April 1859, the wooden schooner A. SCOTT was carrying limestone blocks for a large Presbyterian church being built at Vermilion, Ohio. The vessel was driven ashore near Vermilion by a gale and was quickly pounded to pieces. Her insurance had expired about ten days earlier. No lives were lost.

Algoma's new straight deck bulk freighter ALGOWEST (Hull#226) of Collingwood Shipyards Ltd., was launched April 26, 1982. She was converted to a self-unloader in 1998, and renamed b.) PETER R. CRESSWELL in 2001.

Sea trials were conducted April 26, 1984, on Lake Ontario for the CANADIAN RANGER.

An unfortunate incident happened on the SEWELL AVERY as four crew members were injured, one critically, when a lifeboat winch housing exploded shortly after a lifeboat drill in 1978.

Paterson's CANADOC (Hull#627) by Davie Shipbuilding Co. Ltd., was launched April 26, 1961.

BENSON FORD (Hull#245) of the Great Lakes Engineering Works was launched in 1924.

In 1982, carferry service from Frankfort, Michigan ended forever when railroad service to that port was discontinued and the remaining boats (ARTHUR K. ATKINSON, VIKING, and CITY OF MILWAUKEE) were laid up. CITY OF MILWAUKEE is preserved as a museum ship by the Society for the Preservation of the CITY OF MILWAUKEE.

On 26 April 1902, M. P. BARKLOW (wooden schooner, 104 foot, 122 gross tons, built in 1871, at Perry, Ohio), loaded with salt, was anchored off South Bass Island in Lake Erie to ride out a gale. Nevertheless she foundered and four lives were lost, the skipper, his wife, their son and one crewman.

On 26 April 1926, THOMAS GAWN (2-mast wooden schooner-barge, 171 foot, 550 gross tons, built in 1872, at Lorain, Ohio as a 3-mast schooner) sprang a leak and sank at River Rouge, Michigan in the Detroit River. The wreck was removed the following month and abandoned. She had a 54-year career.

1902 The wooden schooner barge GRACE B. GRIBBLE was holed by ice and sank in Lake Erie off Point Pelee after the hull was punctured by an ice flow. Three sailors were lost.

1958 CIANDRA, a Great Lakes visitor from West Germany as early as 1953, ran aground in the St. Clair River at the south end of Stag Island on this date in 1958. Due to a dispute, there was no pilot on board at the time. The ship was stuck for about 3 hours. It later burned and capsized at Singapore as e) MESONGO on September 9, 1977, and was refloated and then scrapped in 1979.

1981 The Norwegian freighter ASKOT visited the Great Lakes from 1959 to 1962 and returned under the flag of Greece as DIAKAN MASCOT in 1972. It was observed lying off Aden, as c) TYHI with the engine room flooded on this date in 1981. The hull was later refloated and arrived at Gadani Beach, Pakstan, for scrapping on April 28, 1982.

Data from: Skip Gillham, Joe Barr, Dave Swayze, Ahoy & Farewell II and the Great Lakes Ships We Remember series.

Longer seaway season would be beneficial to Thunder Bay port, says shipping company

4/25 – Thunder Bay, ON – The company opening up the Port of Thunder Bay for two years in a row says the Great Lakes shipping industry would benefit from the St. Lawrence Seaway following the schedule of the locks at Sault Ste. Marie.

Scott Bravener, the CEO of McKeil Marine Limited, said an additional two weeks of being able to move cargo through the Welland Canal and St. Lawrence Seaway would bring a boost to cargo volumes, and also make it easier for prairie crops to be shipped after the fall harvest.

"It could increase the tonnage through the Port of Thunder Bay up to close a half a million tonnes in a year," Bravener said. "It would basically extend the season by two weeks. It would also benefit the agricultural sector."

Bravener said he brought up the topic for the first time in a virtual address during the opening of the shipping season in 2021.

In an interview with CBC News, he said there is a pilot project underway to improve icebreaking, which would extend the season.

"In combination with government efforts to reinvest in icebreaking resources with the Canadian Coast Guard, it's proven the Port of Thunder Bay does operate as close to Jan. 15 of each year for shipping, and to domestic, for commodities that are being shipped above the Welland Canal, it's proven that it can work," Bravener said.

The locks at Sault Ste. Marie are operated from March 25 to Jan. 15 annually. While the shipping season for access westward to Thunder Bay is determined by the operations in the Sault, Bravener said more cargo would move, if it could go through the Welland Canal.

"The Port of Thunder Bay represents almost 20 per cent of the total tonnage that moves through St. Lawrence Seaway in any given year. It could provide particular value to the port to allow that additional volume to flow out during that time of the year.


Port Reports - April 25

Port reports are compiled from volunteer reader observations and AIS transmissions. Please send information about vessel arrivals and departures from your port to by 9 p.m. (Eastern) nightly for them to be included in the next day's news. Please include name of vessel, arrival time, day and dock it went to (if known). We welcome new reporters. If your port is not included, we would welcome your contributions. We are particularly looking for reporters for the St. Marys River, Southern Lake Michigan ports and the Hamilton/Toronto area.

Duluth-Superior – Scott Bjorklund

Duluth Entry: Friday night, CSL Niagara departed at 20:39 (CST) with iron ore pellets from CN bound for Quebec City. Arthur M. Anderson arrived at 17:13 Saturday evening with limestone from Calcite, Michigan to unload at the CN-Hallett #5 dock; she should be shifting to CN#6 in Duluth to load iron ore pellets once she’s done unloading. As of Saturday evening, Federal Biscay continued to sit at CRH and the Anderson continued to unload limestone at CN-Hallett #5. Joseph L. Block and Indiana Harbor are expected to arrive Saturday night. Joseph L. Block will be unloading limestone at CN#6 while Indiana Harbor loads coal at SMET. For Sunday, American Century is expected mid-evening to load coal at SMET, and Mesabi Miner is expected later in the evening to load iron ore pellets at CN.

Superior Entry: Early Saturday morning, Stewart J. Cort departed at 03:12 (CST) with iron ore pellets bound for her usual destination of Burns Harbor, Indiana. Baie Comeau arrived from anchor at 03:35 to take her place at the BNSF dock to load for Nanticoke, Ontario. Algoma Discovery anchored off the Superior Entry around 12:00 waiting to load after Baie Comeau. Baie Comeau departed at 16:15 Saturday evening, and Algoma Discovery arrived at 17:04 to also load iron ore pellets. As of Saturday night, Algoma Discovery had just began loading at BNSF for Hamilton, ON. No lakers are expected at the Superior Entry until Tuesday.

Two Harbors-Silver Bay – Gary A. Putney

American Mariner departed Two Harbors on 4/24 at 03:38 for the Soo. The Spruceglen arrived Two Harbors at 04:18. She departed on 4/24 at 16:00 for Quebec City. The Oakglen arrived Two Harbors at 16:41 after being anchored off Larsmont. Due Two Harbors on 4/25 are the Presque Isle and the Edwin H. Gott. The Joe Block is also due Two Harbors after she unloads stone in Duluth. Northshore Mining in Silver Bay saw the Clyde S. VanEnkevort/Erie Trader arrive on 4/24 at 11:30. Due Silver Bay on 4/25 is the James R. Barker.

Thunder Bay, ON

Saturday; 0:32 The saltie Vectis Pride arrived at the main anchorage and at 15:02 proceeded to Keefer Terminal to unload. 16:18 Federal Seto departed for Montreal. 16:32 Algoma Conveyor arrived at the Superior Elevator to load wheat.

Northern Lake Michigan

Charlevoix: Saturday; 3:08 Prentiss Brown / St Marys Challenger arrived to load cement products and departed at 15:03 for Milwaukee.

Green Bay, WI – Jon

On Saturday at 9:17 am the tug Albert barge Margaret departed for Milwaukee.

Milwaukee, WI – MKE Marine Reports

No traffic to report.

Muskegon Ships – Shipwatcher News

Saginaw arrived at 0700 Saturday with a load of Meldrum Bay limestone for the Verplank Lakeside Dock.

Northern Lake Huron

Owen Sound: Saturday; 5:10 Saginaw arrived at the Great Lakes Elevator to unload wheat.

Alpena: Saturday; 1:51 The cement carrier Alpena departed for Muskegon. 6:53 G L Ostrander arrived to load cement products and departed at 16:21 for Milwaukee.

Calcite: Saturday;5:33 John J Boland departed for Ashtabula. 6:14 Olive L Moore / Menominee arrived to load limestone. 7:11 Hon. James L Oberstar arrived to load.

Port Dolomite: Friday; 21:01 Sam Laud departed for Cleveland. Saturday; 11:11 Undaunted / Pere Marquette 41 arrived to load limestone and departed at 15:48 for Manistee.

Goderich, ON – Bruce Douglas

No traffic to report.

Lake Erie Ports for Saturday – Bill Kloss

Monroe: Paul R. Tregurtha arrived at 19:15.

Marblehead: Laura L. VanEnkevort/Joseph H. Thompson arrived at 17:32.

Sandusky: Algoma Intrepid arrived at 14:52 to load coal at Norfolk Southern.

Cleveland: McKeil Spirit departed at 15:35 for Picton.

Fairport Harbor: Laura L. VanEnkevort/Joseph H. Thompson left for Marblehead at 12:39. Defiance/Ashtabula arrived at 18:02.

Erie, PA: Victory/Maumee departed at 10:27 for Calcite.

Nanticoke: Algosea and Algocanada are at Imperial Oil. CSL Tadoussac arrived at Stelco at 16:25.

Buffalo, NY – Brian Wroblewski

M/V Calumet arrived with a load of sand from Brevort, MI on April 24th at 10 a.m. and came right in off a calm lake for the Canadian Silica landing without any tug assistance. After turning with the thrusters in the Watson Basin, they carefully passed the GLT and NYSPA tugs, and then the Miss Buffalo II down the starboard side on their way up the City Ship Canal.

SS City of Milwaukee museum open for 2021

4/25 – Manistee, MI – The SS City of Milwaukee will open for the season today with the following schedule. Covid protocols remain in place for tours. The opening for the USCGC Acacia will be in May. The City of Milwaukee is a guided tour, the Acacia is self-guided.


April 24th

Tours at 11, 1 and 3


Open Every Saturday and Sunday with tours at 11am 1pm and 3pm


Open Thurs Fri and Sat

Open from 11am till 4pm

Tours on top of the hour.


Open from 11 to 3

Bob Strauss

Lake Superior Maritime Visitor Center will remain closed at least until mid-summer

4/25 – Duluth, MN – The Lake Superior Maritime Visitor Center in Duluth will remain closed at least until mid-summer according to press reports. However, with the return of springtime weather, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers personnel who staff the center have begun setting up an outdoor information table at the entrance to the Visitors Center.

The plan is to set up outside whenever weather permits so that the staff can let folks know when ships are coming and going under the bridge and can answer any questions about the area, its maritime activity or about Lake Superior. When the center – and its museum and public restrooms – will open remains uncertain, though hopes are for at least a mid-summer entry. In the meantime, the Lake Superior Marine Museum Association will operate a sidewalk gift shop near the Visitors Center again this year.

Association for Great Lakes Maritime History

Obituary: Captain John Richard Tackaberry

4/25 – It is with gratitude for a long life well lived that we announce the passing of our husband, father, grandfather and great grandfather on April 21 at the age of 91.

John was a captain of lake boats until he became a marine pilot for the St. Lawrence Seaway from 1971 until retirement in 1994. He loved anything and everything about boats and ships, particularly enjoying foreign cuisine, and learning of other cultures, while aboard ocean-going vessels. He was a member of many marine historical societies, including those in Toronto and Niagara. John made lifelong friends with a number of his "boat buff" friends, and never tired of sharing stories and experiences with them. He was a member of I.S.M.A. Lodge # 20 Niagara.

He was the much-loved husband of Doreen for over 68 years. As per John's wishes, cremation will take place, and there will be no funeral or memorial service. If so inclined, donations to Community Cares , Lincoln County Humane Society or charity of your choice would be appreciated.

Member of I.S.M.A. Lodge # 20 Niagara

Today in Great Lakes History - April 25

25 April 1890 - The Collins Bay Rafting Company’s tug ALANSON SUMNER (wooden propeller tug, 127 foot, 300 gross tons, built in 1872, at Oswego, New York) burned at Kingston, Ontario. She had $25,000 worth of wrecking machinery onboard. The SUMNER was repaired and put back in service.

On 25 April 1888, JESSIE MAGGIE (wooden schooner, 63 foot, 49 gross tons) was re-registered as a 2-masted schooner. She was built on a farm in Kilmanagh, Michigan, in 1887, as a 3-masted schooner and she was launched near Sebewaing, Michigan. It took 16 spans of oxen to haul her over frozen ground to the launch site. She lasted until 1904.

Interlake Steamship’s WILLIAM J. DE LANCEY (Hull#909) of American Ship Building Co., was christened April 25, 1981. Renamed b.) PAUL R. TREGURTHA in 1990.

On April 25, 1973, the self-unloading boom on Canada Steamship Lines a.) TADOUSSAC of 1969, collapsed while she was at Sandusky, Ohio. She sails today as b.) CSL TADOUSSAC.

In 1925, the ANN ARBOR 4 was back in service after running aground on February 13th off Kewaunee, Wisconsin.

In 1973, it was announced that the CITY OF SAGINAW 31, would be scrapped, after a fire which destroyed her cabin deck in 1971.

Hall Corp. of Canada's bulk canaller a.) ROCKCLIFFE HALL (Hull#615) by Davie Shipbuilding & Repair Ltd., was launched April 25, 1958. Converted to a tanker in 1972, renamed b.) ISLAND TRANSPORT, and c.) ENERCHEM LAKER in 1987.

Pittsburgh Steamship Co.'s BENJAMIN F. FAIRLESS (Hull#824) by American Ship Building Co., was launched April 25, 1942.

Mutual Steamship Co.'s WILLIAM LIVINGSTONE (Hull#41) by Great Lakes Engineering Works, was launched April 25, 1908. Renamed b.) S B WAY in 1936 and c.) CRISPIN OGLEBAY in 1948. She was scrapped at Santander, Spain in 1974.

The PERCIVAL ROBERTS JR sailed light on her maiden voyage April 25, 1913, from Lorain to load ore at Two Harbors, Minnesota.

On April 25, 1954, CSL's, T.R. MC LAGAN entered service. At 714 feet 6 inches, she took the title for longest vessel on the Great Lakes from te JOSEPH H. THOMPSON, beating the THOMPSON by three inches. The THOMPSON had held the honor since November 4, 1952. MC LAGAN was renamed b.) OAKGLEN in 1990, and was scrapped at Alang, India in 2004.

Whaleback a.) FRANK ROCKEFELLER (Hull#136) by the American Steel Barge Co., was launched in 1896, for the American Steel barge Co., Pickands, Mather & Co., mgr. Converted to a sand dredge and renamed b.) SOUTH PARK in 1927, and converted to a tanker and renamed c.) METEOR in 1945.

On April 25, 1949, CSL's, GRAINMOTOR collided with the abutment of the railroad bridge above Lock 2 of the Lachine Canal.

The wooden schooner OTTAWA was launched on 25 April 1874, at Grand Haven, Michigan. She was owned by Capt. William R. Loutill and could carry 180,000 feet of lumber.

T S CHRISTIE (wooden propeller, 160 foot, 533 gross tons) was launched at F. W. Wheeler's yard (Hull #22) in W. Bay City, Michigan, on 25 April 1885. She was built for the Bay City & Cleveland Transportation Company at a cost of $45,000. Originally built as a double-deck vessel, she was cut down to a single decker at Chicago in 1902.

1941 The CANADIAN SIGNALLER was built at Collingwood as Hull 63 in 1919. It was torpedoed and sunk as d) POLYANA by U-103 en route from from Sunderland, UK to Freetown, Sierre Leone, with a cargo of coal. It was attacked just before midnight April 24 and sank in the early hours on this date with all 25 on board being lost.

1968 The Misener steamer EVERETTON ran aground in the St. Lawrence on this date in 1968. Although the damage was considered minor, the ship was sold to Marine Salvage for scrap, resold to Spanish shipbrakers and arrived under tow at Bilbao, on September 23, 1968, for dismantling.

1998 The wooden goelettes MONT NOTRE DAME and MONT ROYAL were destroyed by a fire at St. Joseph-de-la-Rive, Quebec, where they were being preserved ashore as museum ships. MONT NOTRE DAME was one of the first units in the Transport Desgagnes fleet while MONT ROYAL was known to have been a Great Lakes visitor.

Data from: Skip Gillham, Joe Barr, Dave Swayze, Father Dowling Collection, Ahoy & Farewell II and the Great Lakes Ships We Remember series.

Star Line Ferry opens Mackinaw City port for the season

4/24 – Mackinaw City, MI – Summer is quickly approaching, and Star Line Ferry is seeing more and more passengers come their way.

They run their St. Ignace ferry through the winter but they just opened their Mackinaw City port for the season on Wednesday. Last year they weren’t able to transport as many passengers as they wanted because of COVID restrictions, but they were still able to take about 12-thousand trips to Mackinac Island.

The restrictions aren’t as tough this year and already they’re seeing more people than expected. CEO of Star Line Mackinac Island Ferry, Jerry Fetty said they expect more passengers this year. “All of our indicators are showing us that we’re going to be busy,” he said. “As a matter of fact we had quite a few tourists yesterday when we first opened which is unusual. So, we’re expecting a busy year.”

Currently the ferries run from 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m

Port Reports - April 24

Port reports are compiled from volunteer reader observations and AIS transmissions. Please send information about vessel arrivals and departures from your port to by 9 p.m. (Eastern) nightly for them to be included in the next day's news. Please include name of vessel, arrival time, day and dock it went to (if known). We welcome new reporters. If your port is not included, we would welcome your contributions. We are particularly looking for reporters for the St. Marys River, Southern Lake Michigan ports and the Hamilton/Toronto area.

Duluth-Superior – Scott Bjorklund

Duluth Entry: Thursday night the salty Eeborg departed at 21:02 (CST) with beet pulp pellets from Gavilon. At 00:01 Friday morning, CSL Niagara arrived to load iron ore pellets at CN#6. The tug Spartan and her barge Spartan II departed at 02:52 empty after unloading calcium chloride at Envirotech-Hallett #8. Stewart J. Cort made a surprise arrival from anchor at 10:22 and took the Superior front channel to replace the American Spirit at the BN dock. As of this evening, Federal Biscay continues to unload cement at CRH; she is expected to depart empty and load grain in Thunder Bay, Ontario. CSL Niagara is expected to depart from CN#6 mid-evening. For Saturday, Arthur M. Anderson is expected to arrive early afternoon to unload limestone at CN-Hallett #5, Joseph L. Block is expected to arrive mid-evening to unload limestone at CN#6, and Indiana Harbor is expected later Saturday night to load coal at SMET.

Superior Entry: Late Thursday night, Burns Harbor departed at 22:38 (CST) with iron ore pellets bound for her namesake port of Burns Harbor, Indiana. American Spirit shifted over from Lakehead Pipeline to BNSF to load and departed late Friday morning at 11:54 bound for Conneaut, Ohio. As of Friday night, Stewart J. Cort is loading iron ore pellets at BNSF and expected to depart sometime early morning for Burns Harbor. Baie Comeau will come in from anchor once she departs. Algoma Discovery is expected to arrive late Saturday morning and will most likely anchor waiting to load after Baie Comeau.

Two Harbors-Silver Bay – Gary A. Putney

Spruceglen went to anchor off Larsmont at approx. 17:45 on 4/23. Arriving Two Harbors on 4/23 was the American Mariner at 19:21 for South of #2. There was a dedicated load in the shiploader for the Mariner, so that's why Spruceglen went to anchor. Due Two Harbors on 4/24 is CSL's other "glen" boat, Oakglen. Probably a first. he Spruceglen and Oakglen loading back to back in Two Harbors. Due Northshore Mining in Silver Bay on 4/24 is the Clyde S. VanEnkevort/Erie Trader.

Thunder Bay, ON

Friday; Destination update: Saginaw departed for Owen Sound. There is no traffic to report.

St. Marys River

Barge Menominee/tug Olive L. Moore unloaded 2,600 tons of limestone at the West Pier Friday morning that will be used for a new parking lot for Corps of Engineers employees working on the new lock project. After that, she maneuvered her way into the Davis/Sabin lock approach and unloaded the rest. The pair were back downbound in the early evening.

Milwaukee, WI – MKE Marine Reports

After delivering cement to the Kinnickinnic River terminal, Prentiss Brown/St. Marys Challenger cleared for Charlevoix at 02:38 Friday (04/23). After unloading European steel at Federal Marine Terminals, Jamno cleared for Thunder Bay at 08:35. Following a three-week cruise, research vessel USEPA Lake Guardian arrived back home at 13:34. Lake Guardian typically surveys all five Great Lakes in spring and fall to monitor the status and trends of the Great Lakes ecosystem. These surveys were cancelled in 2020 because of COVID. Algoma Sault should arrive late Friday with salt, and Sarah Andrie/A-390 should arrive early Saturday with liquid asphalt.

Northern Lake Huron

Alpena: Friday;The cement carrier Alpena arrived to load.

Stoneport: Thursday; Defiance / Ashtabula arrived to load limestone and departed Friday at 12:06 for Fairport.

Calcite: Thursday; 22:47 Olive L Moore / Menominee departed for Sault Ste Marie, MI. Wilfred Sykes weighed anchor and proceeded to the dock to load. Friday; 5:41 Arthur M Anderson departed for Duluth Superior.7:10 John J Bolen weighed anchor and proceeded to the dock to load limestone.17:19 Wilfred Sykes departed for Indiana Harbor.

Port Dolomite: Friday; 0:10 Joseph L Block arrived to finish loading and departed at 9:54 for Duluth Superior. Sam Laud arrived to load.

Meldrum Bay: Friday; 12:39 Algoma Innovator departed for Sarnia.

Goderich, ON – Bruce Douglas

Saltie Ocean Castle departed 8.20 am Friday downbound for Montreal.

Lake Erie Ports for Friday – Bill Kloss

Monroe: James R. Barker left at 03:34

Marblehead: Laura L. VanEnkevort/Joseph H. Thompson arrived at 00:15. She loaded and then left at 13:41 for Fairport Harbor.

Cleveland: Petite Forte/St. Mary's Cement departed at 19:34. Laura L. VanEnkevort/Joseph H. Thompson departed Thursday for Marblehead. Mesabi Miner departed for Duluth at 04:20. American Courage arrived from Marblehead to unload at RiverDock. She then went back on the CBT shuttles. McKeil Spirit arrived at Lehigh Cement at 06:13.

Fairport Harbor: Laura L. VanEnkevort/Joseph H.Thompson arrived at 22:00.

Ashtabula: Dirk S. VanEnkevort/Michigan Trader arrived at 06:30.

Erie, PA: Victory/Maumee arrived at 23:59.

Nanticoke: Algoterra left for Sarnia at 15:18.l. Algosea arrived at 00:17 and anchored off of Port Dover. Algocanada arrived at 23:30. CSL Tadoussac is due on Saturday.

Seaway The U.S. tug Sarah Dann was upbound in the St. Lawrence River Friday with an ETA early on April 28th for Manitowoc. She is picking up a large crane built in Manitowoc.

Today in Great Lakes History - April 24

24 April 1882 - The ferry HAWKINS (wooden propeller ferry, 73 foot, 86 gross tons, built in 1873, at Au Sable, Michigan) was renamed JAMES BEARD. She had received a thorough overhaul and was put in service between Port Huron, Michigan, and Sarnia, Ontario, on 25 April 1882. She lasted until 1927, when she was abandoned.

On 24 April 1872, the 3-mast wooden schooner JENNIE GRAHAM was sailing up Lake Huron to pick up a load of lumber. She was light and at full sail when a sudden squall caused her to capsize. Two crewmembers were trapped below decks and died. Captain Duncan Graham was washed away and drowned. The remaining seven crewmembers clung to the overturned hull for about an hour and then the vessel unexpectedly turned upwards and lay on one side. The crew was then able to cut away a lifeboat and get in it. They were later picked up by the schooner SWEEPSTAKES. The GRAHAM was salvaged and taken to Port Huron for repairs.

ONTADOC sailed from Collingwood, Ontario, on her maiden voyage on April 24, 1975, for Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario to load steel for Duluth, Minnesota. She was renamed b) MELISSA DESGAGNES in 1990. Pittsburgh Steamship Co.'s D.M. CLEMSON (Hull#716) of the American Ship Building Co., departed Lorain on her maiden voyage April 24, 1917, to load iron ore at Duluth, Minnesota.

The B.F. JONES left Quebec on April 24, 1973, in tandem with her former fleet mate EDWARD S. KENDRICK towed by the Polish tug KORAL heading for scrapping in Spain. The wooden schooner WELLAND CANAL was launched at Russell Armington's shipyard at St. Catharines, Ontario. She was the first ship built at St. Catharines and the first to navigate the Welland Canal when it opened between St. Catharine's and Lake Ontario on 10 May 1828.

1948 A collision between the HARRY L. FINDLAY and the Canadian tanker JOHN IRWIN occurred in the St. Clair River, near Recors Point on this date. The stem bar was twisted and plates set back on the American bulk carrier and these were repaired at Lorain. It later sailed as c) PAUL L. TIETJEN. The tanker saw further service as c) WHITE ROSE II, d) WHITE ROSE and e) FUEL MARKETER (ii).

1975 The Canadian self-unloader SAGUENAY sustained minor damage in a collision in Lake St. Clair with the Panamanian freighter FESTIVITY on this date. The latter had begun coming to the Great Lakes in 1966. It had been damaged in a grounding on July 18, 1977, and arrived at Bilbao, Spain, for scrapping on November 9, 1977.

1989 GENERAL VARGAS arrived at Green Bay and was being towed by the tug MINNIE SELVICK when the latter was crushed against pilings around a railway bridge and sank. All on board were rescued but the tug was a total loss. The Philippine registered freighter had begun Great Lakes trading as a) BRUNTO in 1977 and reacquired that name in 1994. It was scrapped at Aliaga, Turkey, as f) LINDEN after arriving on July 19, 2011.

Data from: Joe Barr, Dave Swayze, Father Dowling Collection, Ahoy & Farewell II and the Great Lakes Ships We Remember series.

Port Reports - April 23

Port reports are compiled from volunteer reader observations and AIS transmissions. Please send information about vessel arrivals and departures from your port to by 9 p.m. (Eastern) nightly for them to be included in the next day's news. Please include name of vessel, arrival time, day and dock it went to (if known). We welcome new reporters. If your port is not included, we would welcome your contributions. We are particularly looking for reporters for the St. Marys River, Southern Lake Michigan ports and the Hamilton/Toronto area.

Welcome to our new Duluth/Superior port reporter Scott Bjorklund! Scott is a Museum Technician at the Lake Superior Maritime Visitor Center.

Duluth-Superior – Scott Bjorklund

Duluth Entry: Edgar B. Speer arrived early Thursday morning at 01:34 to fuel at Husky; she departed at 06:03 (CST) empty to load iron ore pellets at Two Harbors. The tug Spartan and her barge Spartan II arrived at 07:58 to unload calcium chloride from Ludington, Michigan at Hallett #8. The Corps of Engineers tug Billmaier arrived around 13:15 having spent the winter at Soo Locks. Finally, American Integrity departed at 17:52 with iron ore pellets from CN#6 bound for Indiana Harbor. As of Thursday night, Federal Biscay remained at CRH unloading cement while the Eeborg continued to load beet pulp pellets at Gavilon. The CSL Niagara is expected to arrive early Friday morning to load iron ore pellets at CN#6. The Spartan is expected to depart sometime early morning empty from Hallett #8.

Superior Entry: Algoma Transport departed early Thursday at 02:12 (CST) with iron ore pellets destined for Hamilton, Ontario. Burns Harbor, which had been waiting at Lakehead Pipeline, shifted over to BNSF#5 to begin loading after the Transport’s departure. American Spirit arrived through the entry at 05:50 to take Burns Harbor’s waiting place at Lakehead Pipeline. Stewart J. Cort and Baie Comeau arrived and anchored off the Twin Ports during the day to wait in line for BNSF. Burns Harbor is expected to depart Thursday evening for her namesake port, and American Spirit should be next to load.

Two Harbors-Silver Bay – Gary Putney

Edgar B. Speer arrived Two Harbors on 4/22 at 08:00 and departed the same date at 18:51 for Gary. Due Two Harbors on 4/23 is the Spruceglen. There is no traffic due Northshore Mining in Silver Bay on 4/23.

Thunder Bay, ON Wednesday; 21:23 CSL Welland departed for Montreal. 23:28 Saginaw shifted to Viterra A to finish loading. Thursday; 5:31 Federal Seto weighed anchor and proceeded to the Superior Elevator to load grain. 12:04 The saltie Isa arrived and went to anchor 18:16 Saginaw departed and is down bound.

Northern Lake Michigan

Port Inland: Thursday; 4:37 Joseph L Block arrived to take on a partial load of limestone and departed at 16:10 for Port Dolomite.

Brevort: Thursday; 4:08 Calumet arrived to load processed sand and departed at 13:13 for Buffalo.

Green Bay, WI

On Thursday at 8:58 am the Tug Albert Barge Margaret arrived from Milwaukee with petroleum products for the U.S. Oil Ventures Terminal. Also Thursday the Alpena departed at 10 pm .

Milwaukee, WI – MKE Marine Reports Polsteam’s Jamno arrived at 06:11 Thursday (04/22). With an assist from G-tugs North Dakota and Louisiana, she backed into south slip one, outer harbor, and tied up at the Federal Marine Terminals dock. Jamno is Milwaukee’s first seaway vessel of 2021, and brings European steel from IJmuiden, Netherlands. Prentiss Brown/St. Marys Challenger arrived from Grand Haven at 17:38 with cement for the Kinnickinnic River terminal. Algoma Sault is expected late Friday (04/23) with salt from Compass Minerals, Goderich.

Northern Lake Huron

Alpena: Thursday; 2:03 Defiance / Ashtabula arrived to unload at the Lafarge plant and departed at 15:07 departed for Stoneport.

Stoneport: Wednesday; 20:35 Dirk S Van Enkevort / Michigan Trader departed for Ashtabula.

Calcite: Wednesday; 10:25 Olive L Moore / Menominee arrived to load. Thursday; 11:48 Victory / Maumee departed for Erie PA. 12:00 Arthur M Anderson arrived to load limestone.12:39 Wilfred Sykes arrived and went to anchor. 19:03 John J Bolen arrived and went to anchor.

Meldrum Bay: Thursday; 16:00 Algoma Innovator arrived to load limestone.

Goderich, ON – Bruce Douglas

Algoma Sault cleared 2.57 pm Thursday upbound for Milwaukee with salt. Saltie Ocean Castle continued loading at elevators.

Saginaw River – Todd Shorkey

The tug G.L. Ostrander and cement barge, Integrity, arrived on the Saginaw River Thursday evening, calling on the Lafarge Cement Dock in Essexville to unload. This is the first cement cargo of the season for the Lafarge Dock. The G-Tug Wyoming was also inbound for the Saginaw River. Wyoming will be assisting the Minervagracht to the Port Fisher Dock.

Lake Erie Ports for Thursday – Bill Kloss

Monroe: James R. Barker arrived at 10:02.

Cleveland: Petite Forte/St. Marys Cement was at St. Marys Cement. Laura L. VanEnkevort/Joseph H. Thompson departed for Marblehead at 19:18 Mesabi Miner arrived at the Bulk Terminal at 17:21. McKeil Spirit is due on Friday.

Ashtabula: Dirk S. VanEnkevort/Michigan Trader is due on Friday.

Nanticoke: Algoterra was at Imperial Oil. Algosea will arrive on Friday.

Erie, PA – Erie Shipping News

Grand River Navigation's tug Victory and barge Maumee will arrive in Erie at around midnight Saturday morning with a cargo of stone. They will be the first arrival of the 2021 season. Miena Desgagnes is at anchor at Montreal and will be headed for Erie after seaway inspection.

Today in Great Lakes History - April 23

23 April 1907 - The SEARCHLIGHT (wooden propeller fish tug, 40 foot, built in 1899, at Saginaw, Michigan) capsized and sank while returning to Harbor Beach, Michigan, with a load of fish. The vessel had been purchased by Captain Walter Brown and his son from the Robert Beutel Fish Company of Toledo, Ohio, just ten days before. The sale agreement stated that the tug was to be paid for with fish, not cash. All six crew members drowned.

On 23 April 1883, STEPHEN S. BATES (wooden schooner, 97 foot, 139 tons, built in 1856, at Manitowoc, Wisconsin) was bound from Horne's Pier, Wisconsin, with posts and hardware for Chicago when she was driven into the shallows just north of Grosse Point, Illinois, by a storm and broke up. No lives were lost.

In 1953, the PERE MARQUETTE 22 was cut in half, then pulled apart and lengthened by 40 feet, as part of a major refit at Manitowoc, Wisconsin. Also during this refit, her triple-expansion engines were replaced with Skinner Unaflows, and her double stacks were replaced with a single, tapered stack. The refit was completed August 28, 1953.

On April 23, 1966, the b.) JOSEPH S. WOOD, a.) RICHARD M. MARSHALL of 1953, was towed to the Ford Rouge complex at Dearborn, Michigan by her new owners, the Ford Motor Company. She was renamed c.) JOHN DYKSTRA.

Canada Steamship Lines’ FORT YORK was commissioned April 23, 1958.

On April 23, 1980, the ARTHUR B. HOMER's bow thruster failed while maneuvering through ice at Taconite Harbor, Minnesota, resulting in a grounding which damaged her bow and one ballast tank.

The a.) GRIFFIN (Hull#12) of the Cleveland Ship Building Co. was launched April 23, 1891, for the Lake Superior Iron Mining Co. Renamed b.) JOSEPH S. SCOBELL in 1938, she was scrapped at Rameys Bend, Ontario, in 1971.

On April 23, 1972, PAUL H. CARNAHAN arrived at the Burlington Northern Docks at Superior, Wisconsin, to load 22,402 gross tons of iron ore bound for Detroit, opening the 1972, shipping season at Superior.

On 23 April 1859, at about midnight, the schooner S. BUTTLES was fighting a severe gale. She was carrying staves from Port Burwell, Ontario, to Clayton, New York, and sprang a leak while battling the gale. While manning the pumps, one man was washed overboard, but his shipmates quickly rescued him. Capt. Alexander Pollock beached the vessel to save her about 10 miles east of the Genesee River.

On 23 April 1882, GALLATIN (2-mast wooden schooner, 138 foot, 422 tons, built in 1863, at Oswego, New York) was carrying pig iron from St. Ignace, Michigan, to Erie, Pennsylvania, when she sprang a leak in a storm on Lake Erie. She struck bottom on Chickanolee Reef and foundered in shallow water at Point Pelee. Her crew was saved from the rigging by the fishing sloop LIZZIE.

1916 The grain laden COLLINGWOOD stranded in Whitefish Bay due to ice and fog and was not released until April 27.

1929 The canaller IMARI was on its delivery trip from Port Talbot, Wales, to Canada when it lost the propeller blades, due to ice, off Scaterie Island, Nova Scotia. The vessel later sailed the Great Lakes as b) DELAWARE, d) MANICOUAGAN, e) WASHINGTON TIMES HERALD and f) MANITOULIN.

1945 EFTYCHIA, a Greek freighter, came to the Great Lakes for one trip in 1961. Earlier, as the British freighter RIVERTON, it had been torpedoed by U-1023 off southwest England on April 23, 1945, and three lives were lost. The vessel arrived at Kaohsiung, Taiwan, as c) BOAZ ESPERANZA for scrapping on March 20, 1969.

1975 WESTDALE (ii) ran aground at the entrance to Goderich harbour while inbound with grain and was stuck for 15 hours before being pulled free.

1988 QUEDOC (iii) was upbound in the Seaway when it was in a collision with the BIRCHGLEN (I) under tow for scrap, and went aground in Lake St. Louis near Buoy 2A. Four tugs were needed to pull the ship free and it went to Port Weller Dry Docks for repairs.

1991 MARINE TRANSPORT operated around Maritime Canada but had come to the Great Lakes as c) C. OMER MARIE. It ran into ice and sank on April 23, 1991, about 10 miles off Cape Race, NF. The vessel was under R.C.M.P. surveillance when it was lost and all on board were rescued only to be arrested.

Data from: Skip Gillham, Max Hanley, Joe Barr, Dave Swayze, Ahoy & Farewell II and the Great Lakes Ships We Remember series.

2 Lake Michigan car and passenger ferries ready for full seasons

4/22 – Muskegon, MI – Lake Michigan’s two car and passenger ferries that connect Michigan to Wisconsin are setting course to begin normal season in May.

The Milwaukee-based Lake Express begins daily ferry service May 7. The Lake Express offers passengers a 2.5 hour trip between the Muskegon terminal in the Lakeside neighborhood and downtown Milwaukee.

The high-speed ferry’s 2020 season was delayed until early June due to COVID-19. The ship is being prepared for a full 2021 season running from May 7 to Oct. 25. During the summer, from June 17 through Sept. 6, the Lake Express makes three round trip crossings. During the early and late season two round trips are offered. Pre-season booking are tracking similar to 2019, which was a record year for the Lake Express.

The Lake Express continues to monitor COVID-19 and will have practices in place to reduce the risk of transmission. Passengers are asked to complete a self-assessment and not travel if they’ve been exposed to anyone who tested positive for COVID in the past 14 days. Temperature screenings will be done before passengers board the ship. Once onboard, passengers will be required to wear face masks and social distance. Capacity on the ship will also be reduced to 50 percent to facilitate physical distancing.

Passengers may remove masks while on the ship’s sun deck as long as they are abiding by physical distance requirements. And to begin the 2021 season the Lake Express is accepting only cashless transactions from credit cards, debit cards and gift cards.

In Ludington the new owners of the S.S. Badger say very little will change as a result of the change in ownership. Interlake Holding Company announced in Dec. 2020 the purchase of Pere Marquette Shipping Company’s assets including the Lake Michigan Car Ferry Company.

Interlake Holdings, based in the Cleveland area, operates a fleet of vessels on the Great Lakes and high-speed passenger ferries operating in New York's harbor and various locations on the east coast including New Bedford, Mass.

The 2021 season begins with one round trip across Lake Michigan daily from May 20 to Oct. 10. The Badger departs Ludington at 9 a.m. and arrives in Manitowoc, Wis., at noon after the four-hour trip. The return trip to Ludington leaves Manitowoc at 2 p.m. and arrives at the Ludington dock at 7 p.m.

Ticket sales for 2021 crossings are underway. Badger passengers are required to take wear a face mask while onboard, and practice social distancing between people from different traveling groups. The Badger will have hand sanitizers available, and additional outside seating will be offered.

Paperless transactions for ticketing and on-board purchases is preferred. Buffet meal service in the Upper Deck Café will be closed until COVID-19 restrictions are modified.

Read more and view video at this link:

Port Reports - April 22

Port reports are compiled from volunteer reader observations and AIS transmissions. Please send information about vessel arrivals and departures from your port to by 9 p.m. (Eastern) nightly for them to be included in the next day's news. Please include name of vessel, arrival time, day and dock it went to (if known). We welcome new reporters. If your port is not included, we would welcome your contributions. We are particularly looking for reporters for the St. Marys River, Southern Lake Michigan ports and the Hamilton/Toronto area.

Two Harbors-Silver Bay – Gary Putney

American Mariner arrived Two Harbors on 4/20 at 22:52. She departed from South of #2 on 4/21 at 06:38 for the Soo. Due Two Harbors on 4/22 is the Edgar B. Speer. She should arrive early on the 22nd. There is no scheduled traffic for Northshore Mining in Silver Bay. The Jackson after she was light in Duluth headed for Marquette. I kept an eye on the Joyce L. VanEnkevort/Great Lakes Trader after she loaded in Silver Bay. She did go to Toledo.

Thunder Bay, ON

Tuesday; 19:40 The saltie Belasitza departed for Montreal. 22:01 Saginaw arrived and went to anchor south of the Welcome Islands. Wednesday; 0:11 Cuyahoga arrived at Thunder Bay Terminals to load coal and departed at 8:29 for Hamilton. 13:40 The saltie Morgenstond II arrived at Keefer Terminal to unload. 15:30 Harvest Spirit departed for Windsor. 15:35 Saginaw weighed anchor and proceeded to the Superior Elevator to load grain.

Sault Ste. Marie, ON

The Algocanada left Purvis Marine after unloading petroleum products, heading downstream around 10 a.m. Wednesday for Sarnia.

Northern Lake Michigan

Port Inland: Wednesday; 2:55 John J Boland departed for Green Bay. Charlevoix: Tuesday; 15:30 Prentiss Brown / St Marys Challenger arrived to load cement products and departed Wednesday at 1:32 for Grand Haven

Sturgeon Bay, WI – Jim Conlon

Wednesday afternoon about 1500 hrs. the tug and barge Bradshaw McKee and St Marys Conquest came in off of Lake Michigan, through the three downtown bridges and headed to Bay Shipbuilding .

Green Bay, WI

On Wednesday at 12:58 pm the John J. Boland arrived from Port Inland, MI with limestone for the Graymont Terminal. AIS has the John J. Boland departing for Port Inland, MI. Due in Wednesday night is the Alpena with cement from Alpena, MI for the Lafarge Terminal.

Milwaukee, WI – MKE Marine Reports

After spending winter in Milwaukee, tug Albert with tank barge Margaret cleared for Green Bay at 07:29 Wednesday (04/21). Jamno, which will likely be the city’s first seaway vessel of 2021, is still at Burns Harbor.

Northern Lake Huron

Alpena: Tuesday; 22:05 The cement carrier Alpena departed for Green Bay.

Stoneport: Wednesday; 6:22 Dirk S Van Enkevort / Michigan Trader arrived to load limestone.

Calcite: Wednesday; 10:24 Victory / Maumee arrived to load limestone.

Port Dolomite: Wednesday; 4:22 Sam Laud departed for Windsor.

Bruce Mines: Wednesday; 4:42 Manitowoc departed for Calumet.

Meldrum Bay: Wednesday; 5:28 Kaye E Barker departed for Marquette.

Goderich, ON – Bruce Douglas

Algoma Intrepid cleared 11.15am Wednesday downbound with salt. Algoma Sault backed in 11.27 am Wednesday to Compass Minerals to load salt. Saltie Ocean Castle continued to load grain at elevators.

Lake Erie Ports for Wednesday – Bill Kloss

Lorain: Clyde S. VanEnkevort/Erie Trader arrived at 10:27 to unload at LaFarge. She departed for Silver Bay after unloading.

Cleveland: Petite Forte/St. Marys Cement is still at St. Marys Cement. Nunalik left for Valleyfield and NACC Argonaut departed for Clarkson. G.L. Ostrander/Integrity arrived at 00:48 for Lafarge. After unloading she left at 15:19 for Essexville. American Courage departed at 17:42. Laura L. VanEnkevort/Joseph H. Thompson arrived at 09:09. After waiting at RiverDock she proceeded to Cliffs to unload. Mesabi Miner is due on Thursday.

Conneaut: Arthur M. Anderson departed for Calcite.

Nanticoke: Algonorth departed for Sarnia at 14:54. Algoterra arrived at 15:00 for Imperial Oil.

Picton, ON – Tom Brewer

McKeil Spirit was at Lehigh Cement on Wednesday afternoon.

Today in Great Lakes History - April 22

22 April 1873 - ST. JOSEPH (wooden propeller passenger-package freight steamer, 150 feet, 473 gross tons, built in 18,67 at Buffalo, New York) was sold by the Goodrich Transportation Company to Charles Chamberlain and others of Detroit, Michigan, for $30,000.

On 22 April 1872, Capt. L. R. Boynton brought the wooden propeller WENONA into Thunder Bay to unload passengers and freight at Alpena, Michigan. The 15-inch-thick ice stopped him a mile from the harbor. The passengers got off and walked across the ice to town. Later, because of the novelty of it, a couple hundred people from Alpena walked out to see the steamer. In the evening, Capt. Boynton steamed back to Detroit without unloading any of the cargo.

American Steamship Co.'s, ST. CLAIR (Hull#714) was christened April 22, 1976, at Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin by Bay Shipbuilding Corp.

CHICAGO TRIBUNE of 1930, laid up for the last time at Toronto on April 22, 1986.

CSL's HOCHELAGA lost her self-unloading boom during a windstorm at Windsor, Ontario, on April 22, 1980. As a consequence, she made 10 trips hauling grain as a straight-decker.

CHARLES M. WHITE was commissioned April 22, 1952, at South Chicago, Illinois. She was soon recognized as one of the fastest ships on the Great Lakes because of her ability to reach speeds in excess of 17 knots (19.6 mph).

On 22 April 1871, the 210-foot, 4-masted wooden schooner JAMES COUCH was launched at Port Huron, Michigan. She was named for a prominent Chicago businessman of the time.

On 22 April 1872, EVA M. CONE (wooden schooner, 25 tons, built in 1859, at Oconto, Wisconsin) was carrying lumber from Port Washington to Milwaukee on an early-season run when she struck on ice floe, capsized and sank just outside of Milwaukee harbor. Her crew made it to safety in her lifeboat.

1917: NEEPAWAH, formerly part of Canada Steamship Lines, was captured by U53 a German submarine and sunk by timed bombs. The vessel had been carrying pyrites from Huelva, Spain, to Rouen, France, and went down about 120 miles west of Bishop's Rock.

1924: BROOKTON lost her way in heavy snow and ran aground on Russell Island Shoal near Owen Sound. The vessel was released the next day with the help of a tug. Her career ended with scrapping at Hamilton as g) BROOKDALE (i) in 1966-1967.

1947: HARRY YATES (ii) stranded on Tecumseh Reef, Lake Erie, but was soon released. The vessel became c) BLANCHE HINDMAN (ii) in 1960 and was scrapped at Santander, Spain, in 1968.

1955: Fire destroyed the historic wooden passenger steamers MAID OF THE MIST and MAID OF THE MIST II at their winter quarters in Niagara Falls, ON. The blaze broke out due to an errant welding spark during the annual fit-out and the Niagara Falls Fire Chief suffered a heart attack and died at the scene.

1968: ALHELI, a Lebanese registered Liberty ship, made three trips to the Great Lakes in 1964. The vessel began leaking 900 miles east of Bermuda while en route from Almeria, Spain, to Wilminton, DE, with fluorspar on this date and was abandoned by the crew. The ship went down April 24.

1972: CHAMPLAIN arrived in Canada from overseas in 1959 and saw occasional Great Lakes service. It became f) GILANI in 1970 and toppled on her side at Vercheres due to the swell from a passing ship on April 22, 1972. The ship was refloated several days later.

1973: An explosion in the engine room of the C.P. AMBASSADOR blew a six-foot-hole in the side of the hull during a storm about 420 miles east of Newfoundland. The ship was abandoned, save for the captain and chief engineer, and was towed into St. John's, NF on May 4. It had been a Great Lakes visitor as a) BEAVEROAK beginning when new in 1965. The damage was repaired and the vessel resumed service on July 14, 1973. It was eventually scrapped as f) FLAMINGO at Gadani Beach, Pakistan, following arrival on April 30, 1984.

Data from: Skip Gillham, Joe Barr, Dave Swayze, Ahoy & Farewell II and the Great Lakes Ships We Remember series.

Duluth's first saltie celebrated for reaching Duluth from Turkey

4/21 – Duluth, MN – From the deck of the Federal Biscay on Tuesday, one could see the gulls by looking down. A cold breeze reddened the ears of everyone aboard the ship – the first Atlantic Ocean crosser to reach Duluth during the 2021 shipping campaign.

An annual ceremony, scrubbed last year due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, was met with glee by Duluth's mayor and a host of shipping industry dignitaries. "This is a happy occasion, to be here together at an event," said Duluth Seaway Port Authority spokesman Jayson Hron, who conducted the program and made note of the ubiquity of masks being worn.

The Biscay, owned by Montreal-based Fednav, arrived Sunday from Turkey, transiting the Duluth shipping canal and sailing under the Aerial Lift Bridge shortly after 4 p.m.

Docked at the CRH Cement Terminal on Rice's Point, the Biscay was scheduled to unload 21,000 metric tons of cement – the first of six foreign ships ticketed this season to unload cement to be used in transportation infrastructure projects throughout the Midwest and as far north as Edmonton.

"It’s a perfect example of how Great Lakes-St. Lawrence Seaway shipping delivers the critical raw materials of our everyday life," Port Authority Executive Director Deb DeLuca said.

Mayor Emily Larson, dressed appropriately for the weather and occasion in a sailor's peacoat, noted the way the world comes to Duluth via the ships affectionately known as "salties."

"We are proud to be connected to you today," Larson told Master Melwyn Dias and the crewmembers flanking him. "We're grateful for you connecting us and our economy to the world."

A native of India, Dias reported the voyage couldn't have gone more smoothly. Though he'd been to Duluth once before, he'd never been part of a first-ship ceremony, he said, noting that he'd followed his grandad and father into work behind the ship's wheel. "It's not just me," Dias said. "A lot of generations of us have been doing this profession."

From CRH, the vessel will move about the port to load grain — canola, specifically — and be bound for Mexico. The News Tribune asked vessel agent Stephen Sydow, of Duluth-based Daniel's Shipping Services, how that transition was made, going from raw materials to food source.

"You've got to broom it, pressure wash it and squeegee it," Sydow said. "You're putting food in there, so it's got to be clean."

DeLuca made sure the 21 sailors aboard the Biscay didn't leave without satisfying their sweet tooth. The Port Authority presented the crew with a salted-caramel chocolate ship. "A fitting tribute," DeLuca said, "for our first saltie of 2021."

Visit Duluth capped the ceremony by announcing the winner of the 38th annual First Ship Contest. More than 20 contestants out of 4,500 submissions guessed April 18, but Amanda Eccles, of North Mankato, guessed April 18 at 4:04 p.m., missing the Biscay's Aerial Lift Bridge transit by a mere 8 minutes. She received a two-night Duluth getaway.

"She was super excited," Visit Duluth spokeswoman Maarja Anderson Hewitt said, a hint of normalcy on the cold air.

View images at this link:

New Lock at the Soo 2021 construction begins

4/21 – Sault Ste. Marie, MI – The U.S. Army Corps of New Lock at the Soo project is on schedule as construction resumes on phase one and is initiated on phase two this week.

Trade West Construction, Inc., and joint venture Kokosing-Alberici began moving equipment to the site the week of April 12 and 19. Trade West continues phase one, deepening the upstream channel to the Sabin and Davis Locks, which will be replaced by the new lock. USACE officials expect phase one completion in November 2021.

Kokosing-Alberici is starting phase two this year, rehabilitating the upstream approach walls. This will stabilize the existing approach walls allowing modern vessels to tie up and wait their turn to pass through the new lock. Phase two should be complete by fall 2023, with winter seasonal breaks.

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Detroit District